Floyd Mayweather Claims He Can’t Pay His 2015 Taxes Until McGregor Fight

It looks like Floyd Mayweather and the Money Team may have a couple of money problems.  While achieving a 49-0 record,  Mayweather has earned roughly $700 million, but claims he is unable to pay his taxes from 2015 until he gets his check after the Conor McGregor fight.

David Greisman of has reported:

” Mayweather still owes federal taxes for 2015 and is petitioning the U.S. Tax Court for an installment agreement, specifically citing what appears to be his scheduled Aug. 26 clash with MMA superstar Conor McGregor as a “significant liquidity event” from which he intends to pay the remaining balance…The agency said that Mayweather had various options available … including by selling property, withdrawing cash from other accounts or taking out a loan.”

Mayweather is arguing that he doesn’t have enough liquad cash to pay his 2015 taxes , while the IRS thinks he could take out a loan or sell some of his assets to pay his balance.

The unprecedented bout with McGregor will happen at the end of the summer, but will also have to pay taxes on $400 as well.  So after taxes on $400 million and paying his current tax bill, he may be still be the rich man’s version of broke.

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