Fat Chuck Knoblauch Takes Shot at Yankees Retiring Andy Pettitte’s Jersey

Former Yankee Chuck Knoblauch is pretty salty about the club retiring pitcher Andy Pettitte’s jersey number 46.

Knoblauch tweeted the sour grapes and predictably, Twitter exploded back all over him for the post.

Granted, there is some hypocrisy in giving Pettitte a free pass, since he claimed he used it to recover from an injury later in his career.  Cheating is a cheating, so anyone guilty during the steroid era should be held to the same standards.  But life’s not fair, and some people are given a pass for their transgressions if they’re apologetic and, you know, not a total fucking asshole like Chuck Knoblauch.

Knoblauch was slated to have his Twins jersey number retired last season, but the club had to cancel that ceremony when he was arrested for assaulting his ex-wife.  It appears throwing a humidifier at a woman is taken more seriously than using a banned substance.

Maybe Chuck kept the banned substances out of his body during his career, but there are worse things (like allegedly beating your ex-wife) a major leaguer can do.  Perhaps Knoblauch was desperate to get himself associated with anything other than being the guy who couldn’t throw to first base on routine grounders to second, but remember, Chuck, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!  Not that you’d hit anything with them…


Can’t hit the first basemen (left); hits women (right)

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