Fat Athlete of the Week

The Big O is a great name for a donut shop… for a basketball player? Not so much.

Oliver Miller was one of the State of Arkansas’ finest. A starting center for the Raptors. And giving new meaning to the word NBA Big Man.

He also did awesome fat guy shit. Like, for starters, falling down…


The announcers literally say “that’s a lot of beef.” And the lonely shot of him at the end just backing up by himself- CLASSIC FAT GUY.

And remember that fat kid in your class who had unresolved rage issues and would suddenly just throw a chair- yeah… O Time…


He left the NBA for the Harlem Globetrotters and got released for, I quote:

“having no appreciation for what it takes mentally and physically to be a Harlem Globetrotter”.

Which means, this was too professional for him to accomplish:

And the BEST… in true fat guy fashion his career ended when he was arrested  for pistol whipping a man at a family barbeque. You don’t mess with the big O’S ribs.

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