Fantasy Football Value Plays: Week 9

Welcome to the week 9 installment of Fantasy Football Value Plays. What is a value play you may ask? Simple, any player who has been priced substantially below their potential. For instance, week in and week out Devonta Freeman was placed in the $5,000 range while being in the top 5 in points. Each week, experts projected that he would finally bottom out and be the fluke that people expected. Astronomical mistake, if you picked him those weeks, big money followed. Now look at him, consistently above $8,000. Same goes for Andy Dalton who has been a top 5 quarterback all season long while staying in the top 15 in pricing. Now he has peaked and the acquisition of Dalton requires at the very least $6,500.

Trying to pick the best sleeper each week can make even the formidable seem weak. There are so many options and people constantly tinker with their lineup at the last second, only to find that they squandered their chance at the big money on DraftKings. Take a deep breath and relax, Bigplay is here for you. Check back in every Tuesday for our value plays of the week and let us assist you in achieving fantasy greatness. Just remember folks – bet big, win big and best of luck this week.

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