Fantasy Football Value Plays: Week 16

The last two weeks of the 2015 regular season are upon us. Fantasy football faithful, time to rejoice.


Your season has either been splendid, or one long, depressing, indie flick of a season. Most fantasy leagues are in their final week. Championship games and last place hazing are in the near future. Time for value plays are at an all-time high, like always, and they can be the difference between thousands of dollars on DraftKings, or winning your league’s Shiva….or god forbid, the dreaded “Ruxin.” (A bit too heavy on The League references this week? Just a reminder that this time of the year is the perfect season for America’s newly adopted necessity–a good ole Netflix binge.)

Last week was very promising for Value Plays and its future. All picks performed swimmingly and we hope to keep this momentum rolling into week 16. Like always, bet big, win big, and best of luck this week. Make sure to take advantage of your free lineup on DraftKings while you still can. Just click on the link below and Happy Holidays.

Free lineup for Sunday

Oh, and here is a little humor to brighten the holiday break if your family is driving you bat shit crazy…we’ve all been there.

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