Fantasy Football Value Plays: Week 11

Week 11 is upon us and besides one blunder of a pick, value plays had a rather solid performance in week 10. Mostly in part to Martavis Bryant and the Pittsburgh defense…also playing the Browns didn’t hurt. Sorry Cleveland, even with Manziel at the helm it’s still a train wreck of a season.

As we venture into week 11 I must once again stress the importance of a true value pick when setting your roster this week on DraftKings. Fantasy football and DFS for that matter, is an investment. You are buying low in the hopes that your acquisition will perform at a high level. Take a look at the past rosters who placed first on DraftKings. They have their “for sure” players who cost at least $7,500 and then multiple sleepers who outperformed expectations. Each Tuesday, we at Bigplay try to supplement your lineup with the best value plays across the board. In the hopes that you will be able to win DraftKings coveted first place prize. So check back in each week and have faith in your bros over at Bigplay. Just remember: bet big, win big and best of luck this week.

Also, do yourself a favor and click on the link below for your free entry into DraftKings. You could walk away with $100,000 and forever be known as a fantasy football legend, which is an instant panty dropper during any social event… the money that is. Or you can sit at home and do nothing. It’s just $100k, who cares right?

Free lineup for Sunday

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