Fantasy Football Mock Draft: Cleveland Browns Style

What drafting a bunch of Cleveland Browns players looks like on a Fantasy Football team


For once in a very long time, owning Cleveland Browns players on your fantasy football team is a cool thing. Really. Check out this mock draft I recently completed, where I focused on selecting as many key Browns players as possible to build my team around.

By the way, I drafted from the fourth spot of a 12-team PPR league, using a fantasy football draft simulator from Fantasy Pros. Here goes.

Pick No. 1.04: Alvin Kamara, Running Back, New Orleans Saints

Right off the bat, I decided to forego at No. 4 reaching for Odell Beckham Jr. (who was actually taken at 1.07). OBJ should be awesome this year, but I feel Kamara was the better choice here to build a strong running back core. He is in line for a ton of overall touches with Mark Ingram no longer.

Pick No. 2.09: Nick Chubb, Running Back, Cleveland Browns

My first Browns’ strike was Chubb. He fell nicely to me at 2.09 and was the 12th running back off the board at this point. I love his upside as my RB2 who could easily produce RB1 results in any given game. Though, we do still need to be wary of Kareem Hunt eventually joining Chubb in the backfield.

Pick No. 3.04: A.J. Green, Wide Receiver, Cincinnati Bengals

Green is no longer a first or second-round pick, but if he can remain healthy, he can produce WR1 fantasy numbers. He is extremely athletic and with nine wide receivers off the draft board, Green made a sensible pick as my top receiver.

Pick No. 4.09: Jarvis Landry, Wide Receiver, Cleveland Browns

Landry was a good steal here and was the 20th receiver to go off of the draft board at this point. This year, there will be those weeks when Landry will surprise and reward with WR1 fantasy numbers.

This could particularly be the case when opposing defenses focus on doubling up on OBJ.

Pick No. 5.04: Mark Ingram, Running Back, Baltimore Ravens

Ingram makes a respectable RB2/flex pick and was the 22nd running back to go when I took him. He plays for one of the most run-heavy offenses in the league and a 1,000-plus rushing yard season should be in order. He also can easily be plugged in to fill in when Chubb has his bye week.

Pick No. 6.09: Baker Mayfield, Quarterback, Cleveland Browns

This was a strike move I had to make to get my Cleveland quarterback.

At this point, Patrick Mahomes, Andrew Luck, Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, and Jameis Winston (in that order) had all been drafted. If I waited any longer, there was no guarantee that Mayfield would have been available in Round 7. He is as a slam dunk mid-level QB1 with a high ceiling. Period.

Pick No. 7.04: Marvin Jones, Wide Receiver, Detroit Lions

I needed more depth at receiver and Jones fits that bill. The hope this season is that Jones stays healthy and continues to make those big plays he is known for. He has averaged 16.8 yards per reception and has scored 18 times since signing with Detroit in 2016.

Pick No. 8.09: David Njoku, Tight End, Cleveland Browns

Bingo! Njoku was available to me here and was the eighth tight end to be selected. He should continue to thrive after drawing 88 targets resulting in 639 yards and four touchdowns in 2018.

Njoku offers plenty of upside for those who choose not to reach for one of the upper tier TE1 prospects.

Pick No. 9.04: Tevin Coleman, Running Back, San Francisco 49ers

I really loved Coleman falling so low in this draft. He could easily become the running back to emerge ahead of both Matt Breida and Jerick McKinnon on a 49ers offense coached by Kyle Shanahan. After all, Shanahan served as Coleman’s offensive coordinator for two seasons in Atlanta back in 2015-16.

Pick No. 10.09: Marquise Goodwin: Wide Receiver, San Francisco 49ers

Pickings were getting a bit slim at receiver here. Goodwin is penciled in as a starter who will hopefully become even more effective than he was last year with the return of Jimmy Garoppolo. Goodwin will make a decent fill-in at the WR2/flex spot when those byes roll around.

Pick No. 11.04: Kareem Hunt, Running Back, Cleveland Browns

Getting Hunt this late in the draft is an excellent stash and handcuff for Chubb. Aside from his off-field issues, Hunt is ultra-talented and is plenty capable as a pass-catcher. He could even be played along with Chubb once he returns from his eight-game suspension.

Pick No. 12.09: Chicago Bears Defense

I could have waited and maybe taken Cleveland’s defense, but it was hard to pass on Chicago. This defense allowed a league-low 17.7 points and less than 300 total yards on average per game last year. Hence, the Bears defense far-outscored any other defense in fantasy football in 2018.

Pick No. 13:04: Tom Brady, Quarterback, Mew England Patriots

Lo and behold, the GOAT was still around for the picking since his fantasy stats took a little tumble in 2018. But, Brady is plenty capable to take the reigns for Mayfield when the Browns have their Week 7 bye. And if for some reason Mayfield struggles, Brady will earn a promotion.

Pick No. 14:09: D.J. Metcalf, Wide Receiver, Seattle Seahawks

This rookie was still laying around available this late in my draft. And it was not long after I made my pick that Seahawks announced the release of the now retired, Doug Baldwin. For that, Metcalf makes a sneaky late-round stash who has plenty of upside to produce.

Pick No. 15:04: Will Lutz, Kicker, New Orleans Saints

The kickers starting falling off the board in this round and Lutz made the most sense to me. New Orleans high-rolling offense is going to keep moving the ball and which means tons of scoring opportunities for Lutz.

In summary:

I focused on adding multiple layers of Browns’ talent to my fantasy team. This included Nick Chubb, Jarvis Landry, Baker Mayfield, David Njoku, and Kareem Hunt. Not too shabby.

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