Fan Signs That Actually Made the Athletes Laugh

Sports signs have evolved over time from “Go Team! to “The Guy Behind Me Can’t See” to well..really, really funny signs. Congrats to the clever little marketing majors who made the list.

Remember Us?

Best Sign At A Sporting Event Ever

The boyfriend to her right is not thrilled about this. Good call hiding behind the glass connector.

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Hey Dirk it’s Me!

This guy’s destiny was to hold this sign. Everything in his life had led up to this moment. And it was perfect.

Chuck Norris jokes are a thing of the past….but this one is pretty good

Not often do you see a sign that declares one’s superiority to the iconic Chuck Norris. We have a feeling Chuck gave this sign his blessing before it was used.

Asians Can Drive!

Linsanity - the most outrageous fan signs

Might have been beginners luck. Houston roads are tough to drive on. LA’s are worse.

1980’s Bro Sign

Funny Sports Signs

“Social media hasn’t been invented yet! We’re good Kenny!”

Going Undercover


Last year, CenturyLink Field was littered with undercover cops in an attempt to keep Seahawks’ fans at bay. Yeah…he’s definitely a cop.

Steinel’s Pregnant! Steinel’s Pregnant!

Best Fan Sign Ever?

Steinel is a guy and he is so pregnant right now.

No Caption Can Do This Sign Justice

Hahahaha thats hilarious!!

Patric Young made the dunk…but he sure wasn’t looking at the rim.

What a Homewrecker!

one of the greatest signs ever.

Her husband was holding the sign until he started getting strange looks from the crowd…and the ref.

And Yes…”WE” Means “I”…I Love BJs

10 more of our favorite obnoxious sports fan signs.

I can’t wait to get out of here. God I love BJ’s.


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