ESPN Anchor Owns Manny Pacquiao on Live TV

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Manny Pacquiao just got caught on live television.

The entire interview was pretty brutal, mostly due to the language barrier. However, outside of the lost in translation aspect of the exchange, Manny came off as extremely passive aggressive.

When asked to comment on Mayweather’s personality, Pacquiao didn’t want to talk about another person in a negative light.

When that’s your go to answer, it’s a good idea to stick to it…at least for the day. Maybe don’t get quoted in a separate interview hours before going on ESPN saying this:

Ohhhhh I did just talk about somebody’s life. GOD DAMNIT.

Pacquiao reluctantly proceeded to own the comment stating:

“When people are around him, he changes his attitude, the fame goes to his head…that’s a problem for him”

Solid save, bro.

Someone needs to get in Pacquiao’s corner and tell him to either bash the shit out of Mayweather, or stick to the passive PC comments…because this passive aggressive image is a bad look.

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