Ernie Johnson Trolls Russell Westbrook During Live Interview in True Ernie Fashion

Ernie Johnson is the coolest cat on TNT. During a post game interview after OKC’s win over Miami, Ernie Johnson asked some pretty hilarious questions to the recently agitated PG.

Quick background: Last Saturday, Russell Westbrook was particularly annoyed with OKC media, taking a page out of BeastMode’s book with the same answer to the first 4 questions asked. “We executed well”.

He went on to let OKC reporter Berry Tramel know his true feelings.

Are you upset with something?
I just don’t like you.

You don’t?

Do you not like Nick [a writer for the Thunder’s website] either?
I love Nick. I don’t like you.

Well you gave us about the same answers.
Yeah. Do you have another question?

Fair enough. A few days later, insert Ernie Johnson.

Leave it to Ernie to directly confront Westbrook on his recent outburst in top notch fashion. Johnson went on to ask Westbrook “do you like us?”, adding to the post game laughter.

It also helped that the Thunder actually won a game.

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