Eagles Fan Taken Down After Running on the Field

Drunken displays of admiration for one’s team have become the norm in the world of sports. Many of these day drunk outings lead to one mentally impaired fan believing that rushing the field midgame is an absolutely brilliant idea. These stage 5 drunkards seem to forget that a professional football game is the last place you should ever decide to indulge in your drunk exploits.

These men who grace the field every Thursday, Sunday and Monday are the size of refrigerators with Olympic-like agility. Well one Eagles fan decided to ignore all sensible reasoning and jump on Lincoln Financial Field during the Eagles loss to the Cowboys this past Sunday. Didn’t go so well for him.

Luckily for this fan, he got off rather easy and was able to walk off the field instead of on a stretcher like many of the field crashers to come before him.

He should have worn a Cowboys jersey. Then he would have been able to walk through that Eagles defense untouched. Boom….went there.


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