Dwyane Wade Kills Lakers Rumors but Is Recruiting for Miami

Wade kills Lakers rumors, hits up Jimmy Butler for possible joining the Miami Heat

Photo courtesy of Charles Trainor Jr./Miami Herald

Heading into free agency, the Los Angles Lakers have been tied to a lot of rumors on who might join the team. There are two known players on the team, LeBron James and Anthony Davis. But with the rumors that Kawhi Leonard or Kyrie Irving might join the team, some people believed Dwyane Wade might join his banana boat friend in Los Angles for another chance at another championship.

There was even speculation that Carmelo Anthony, another best friend of LeBron and Wade, might join Wade in teaming up with LeBron and running for his first championship. A huge problem with this is the fact that Dwyane Wade had his “One Last Dance” tour this past season and retired from the game.

If there was any chance that Wade might come out retirement and play for the Lakers, he totally ended those rumors. Responding to a tweet from a fan saying “Dwyane Wade should come out of retirement for 1 more year and join his friend [LeBron James] next season in LA!”. Wade replied “Nah bro. Let’s kill that rumor now”.

In fact, Wade said the following for any situation if he would come out of retirement, “It would only be for the HEAT!”; which makes sense, since he did spend 13 seasons with the Miami Heat in his first run before that odd season and a half with the Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers. Only to return to Miami via trade and then come back for one more year to do the “One Last Dance” tour in Miami and retire a Heat. Miami is, in fact, Wade County. Wade is, in fact, a Miami Heat for life.

Besides drinking wine on boat, Wade is also recruiting players for Miami, while in retirement. Well, maybe just one player since rumors came to light that Jimmy Butler might consider joining the Heat via sign and trade. Wade in a tweet, threw fuel to that fire. When hitting up Butler, Wade asked: “Jimmy Butler what’s good?”

Butler responded and added more fuel on the fire by saying “hey big head”. Maybe if Butler comes to Miami, Wade might have to run back that “One Last Dance” tour again.

NBA free agency starts on June 30, 2019, at 6:00 pm EST.

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