The Douchiest Starting QB Power Rankings

Is your team led by a 100% certifiable douche? It’s a tall order cheering for that d-bag, we know. Kudos to the die hard fans stuck with a D in the top 3.

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10. Tom Brady

There’s a big difference between a douche and a cool douche. Tom Brady’s the latter.


9. Colin Kaepernick

Kaep rocks the flat brim like a freshman frat boy. If he was winning, he’d probably fall out of the top 10. Straighten your hat and get to work.


8. Mark Sanchez

“Mark you’re #8 on BIGPLAY’s douchiest QB power rankings. Any comment?”

“Thanks for not asking about the butt fumble, you guys.”


7. Joe Flacco

You’re the highest paid quarterback in the league. And every time I look at you, I want to punch your face.


 6. Russell Wilson

“Wake up….wake up champ.”

Stop overselling the acting in your commercials bro. No one can be that emotionally jacked up about insurance.


5. Andy Dalton

You aren’t on the list for being a daywalker. You’re on the list  because of your high pitched, extremely unmotivational voice. How did you let them convince you that getting mic’d up was a good idea?


4. Cam Newton

Cam Newton dropped down in the douche power rankings after wrecking his car and breaking his back. It’s wrong to rip a man while he’s down…so congratulations on falling to #4!


3. Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben. You’re a franchise quarterback, and probably a future hall of famer. Yet your own city is lukewarm on you, and that’s after winning them a super bowl. Also, this jersey isn’t helping your cause.


2. Johnny Manziel

You can hide your douchiness behind W’s but when you ‘re losing, your inner douche is exposed. Also, it appears that you’re friends with this guy, automatically moving you to #2.


1. Jimmy Clausen

All hail, king of the douche bags. Jimmy Clausen had this wrapped up the second Jay Cutler was benched. Outside of taking a limosine to your first rookie practice with the Carolina Panthers, all you need to know is this:

and this:

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