Door Opens for ARod in Miami

I have been saying for a week that I think Alex Rodriguez will one day end up playing for the Miami Marlins.  Last week when it was announced he was retiring/being released I figured with the Marlins in the hunt for the playoffs with a shot and running down the Nationals or holding on to a Wild Card spot, it would not make sense to add Rodriguez.

I figured it would be next spring that ARod would end up as a non-roster invite to spring training.  That all changed this weekend when Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton went on the DL with a grade three groin strain.

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With Stanton out and the Marlins falling 8.5 games back going 4-6 over the last ten days, the Marlins are in trouble.  Miami has also fallen out of the second wild Card spot, to there goes the margin for error.   The Marlins need to make some moves and one of those that actually makes sense is to “GULP” add Alex Rodriguez. It’s not a money grab or a publicity stunt.  It is a real baseball move that makes sense.

The Marlins don’t have much to offer as late season trade bait.  So if they are to make it to the postseason they will have to be creative.  Ichiro will take the majority of at-bats and start in Right Feild to fill in for Stanton.  That will open up a spot on the bench for a late inning pinch hitter and guess who is looking for a job, ARod of course.

He does have a downside for this job, with no natural position to play he would be a one at-bat player.  You can’t use him at 3rd anymore or in the outfield in a close game when you are trying to prevent runs.  Jim Bowden my colleague at MLB Network Radio says the Marlins can use him at 1st base with Justin Bour still out with an ankle sprain, it’s an option.   ARod’s publicist has come and say Alex is going to play again this season.  The Miami Marlins have said they talked about him but have decided not to call him up.  It looks like both parties are dancing around the matter at hand.  The Marlins need a bat off the bench and ARod is 4 homers away from 700, they need each other even if they won’t admit it.  Either way, someone at Majestic Athletic better get someone started on an Alex Rodriguez Miami Marlins jersey.


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