Don’t Worry About the Jets and Their 4-1 Record

The New York Jets are off to a speedy start this season. Gathering 4 wins in their first 5 games has come as a surpise to most. Fact is- They can run the ball, stop the run, and shutdown receivers. Pretty important things that needs to be done to be an outstanding NFL team. Adding Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brandon Marshall, and bringing back Darrell Revis was huge.

While thinking we were going to get the same God Damned Jets we’ve grown to accept, we’ve been blindsided by their impact.

The Jets are 3rd in take-aways and 7th in rushing. Besides those two categories, they are either middle-of-the-pack or below par in all other proficiency rankings. Running the ball and taking the ball away are vital to the success of a team. But enough to maintain an 80% winning record?…Or have they caught a bad case of the ‘easy schedule syndrome’?

So far the Jets have beaten the Browns, Colts, Dolphins, and Redskins. These teams have a lackluster combined 9-14 record. Their only loss comes from the Eagles, a 3-3 team that is incoincidentally the toughest opponent they’ve faced.

It’s safe to say that we haven’t gotten a true feel of how good the Jets really are. Impeccable timing has allowed for them to face the Patriots this weekend…Their first challenge. It wouldn’t be the first time Tom Brady and Co. hosted a team appearing to be contendors, and hit them with a fat Foxborough reality check.

ESPN has the Jets sitting at no. 5 in power rankings. If they can somehow pull a W out of their asses in Pat-land, maybe that ranking isn’t as drunk as it seems right now. The J-E-T-S being creamed by the Patriots would prove the cotton-ball softness of the Jets’ schedule.



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