Dolphins Win and Flores have Setup a Stone Cold vs. McMahon Type Situation

Dolphins win another and Flores is embracing his inner Stone Cold

As a guy who desires as high a draft pick as possible with any means necessary of obtaining it, it was really fun to see the Dolphins go out and beat a team that reeked of desperation. Philly came down to South Beach with what should have been a get-right game against a team that was once actively losing. This should go without saying, but sadly there is a load of dolts out there who can’t understand that management, not Flores, the other coaches or the players, is the one who would rather have Miami lose than win.

But, with the injury to the guy they coveted, Tua, management may have said the hell with it. That and the fact that Brian Flores has decided to put on his black vest, knee brace and communicate to Stephen Ross in some of his favorite sign language by actually winning football games(won 3 of his last 5) it is very apparent that we have an NFL version of Austin vs. McMahon on our hands here with Flores bucking the bosses plans at every turn. Every time McMahon put up a roadblock to stop Austin from winning the title, Austin defied the odds and came out on top only for Vince to put Austin through a gauntlet match or a match with one arm behind his back. Flores has had several of his good players taken from him, and although things were grim on the field for a while, he figured out a few things out to the point where he’s been stunning Ross and dumping beer all over himself.

Miami has four more games left. The Jets, Giants, and Bengals are up the next three weeks. It’s not unreasonable to think that Miami can’t win all three of them. Imagine the Dolphins, a team that didn’t want to win any games, winning six. Must suck for other teams that are actually trying to win and can’t. As for yesterday’s game, here’s what I saw.

Is there any possible way to dislike Ryan Fitzpatrick? The answer is no, no you can’t dislike him. To how he goes out there and throws a pick on his first pass and never lets it affects him to how he chews gum as if he doesn’t have a care in the world. The guy is the definition of cool and can still be a QB, given a good defense, can lead a team to the playoffs. Carson Wentz, a guy who needed to show he hasn’t lost it, played well but couldn’t out dual a guy who’s playing for fun.

I’m not at all sure where Fitzpatrick will be next year. He’s under contract for next year, but that doesn’t mean anything. Obviously, he doesn’t have too many years left and some think he’d be a great coach. I don’t see him getting into the coaching ranks mainly because he has 40 kids and coaching takes a crazy amount of time. I’d like him to be back to help whoever Miami drafts. They can learn a lot from him and he’s all about showing young guys the way.

Kalen Ballage got hurt, and although I’m not about guys getting hurt and hope he gets healthy, I’m all about Ballage never running the ball for Miami ever again. Give me all of Laird and Gaskin. Let the Laird be with you

I’m not here to talk about how I’ve said multiple times that if Parker can stay healthy and have smart people around who will feature him then he’ll produce. I’m here to tell you that it’s smart to feature him because he’s healthy and he’s really good. Seems like a good idea to feed him more.

It was Parker’s best game as a pro. He had seven catches for 159 and two TDs. He couldn’t be stopped. Parker had a Thanos like way of him where no matter what or who they threw at him he out willed them at every turn. He’s on pace to easily have his first 1,000-yard season and seems like an easy candidate to stick around next year. Pair him with the return of Preston Williams, Hurns and a new slot guy because Wilson is definitely gone, and you have a large receiving core with versatitlity.

Rounding out that large receiving core is the biggest one; Mike Gesicki.

You’re saying it’s smart to let your 6’6 TE that can jump out of all the buildings go up and leap for footballs? Amazing. I can’t imagine why that would work. Gesicki has 36 catches for 401 and has scored in back to back weeks. He’s leaps and bounds physically and mentally better from last year and the coaching staff, along with Fitzpatrick, are trusting him. He’s part of the future and it looks like Miami finally has a more than capable TE.

Obligatory statement that Miami needs to wear the throwback jerseys every game because they are Death Valley hot. Also, did you see those endzones? Tell me they weren’t the best thing you’ve seen in weeks. You can’t.

This is the equivalent of driving a beer truck to the ring and drowning your boss in beer.

First time it’s happened in the Super Bowl era which makes me want to watch tape of the Pottsville Maroons to see how often they ran punter to kicker plays. Flores did this on 4th down no less. But like I said, Stone Cold had big ones and did ballsy things all the time because he did what he wanted regardless of what the boss said. I’d love to know how many people won or lost fantasy games that would have got them to the playoffs because of the extra six points they got from Sanders. Imagine not getting to your playoff because of this.

Here’s Christain Wilkins having a good old time about the punter to kicker connection.

I want a shirt, like the Miami Miracle shirt, that portrays this play. If anyone finds one let me know @2ndSatSports.

Sam Eguaveon had his best game as Dolphin. He had a sack and played well on a defense that got torn up pretty often. There’s not a ton to speak of positively for the Dolphin’s defense but Equaveon was one of them.

I’ve officially turned the corner on Eric Rowe. At first, I thought he was a Patriot spy sent here to destroy Flores from the inside out. Since Rowe has been put at safety, it’s apparent that Rowe should have been there from the start because he’s a TE stopper. He’ll be here next year and I’m 100% comfortable with him playing safety.

Thank you, Doug Pederson, for only running the ball 19 times against the NFL’s worst run defense. Way to do us a solid.

I’m happy to report that Eagles’ fans are taking this loss in stride, are committed to strapping up their bootstraps and taking care of business next week is all that matters.

Image result for eagles petition to walk home

Currently, the Dolphins have the 4th overall pick in next year’s draft. I’m not going to get into who may or may not be there come April until January. It’s tough to say where the Dolphin’s brass’s heads are at when it comes to what they’ll do with their first pick. I still think QB is firmly on their mind, but if Chase Young is available and they think they can get Tua later, they may try and do that though that may be a pipe dream. All I can tell you is, for now, Flores has a month to screw up everything that Ross envisioned and at this point, I’m here for it.

Flores 3:16 means I just screwed up your plan

By the Way- Just going to leave this here

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