Doc Rivers Prevented Blazers’ CJ McCollum From Playing Last Night on a Paperwork Technicality

There’s a headline that you don’t see everyday. 

Last night, a healthy CJ McCollum was scratched after his name was accidentally left off the active roster by Blazers Head Coach Terry Stotts. According to Stotts, he didn’t realize the sheet was incorrect when turned into the officiating crew. 

Portland attempted to correct the clerical error, leading to a quick referee mediation between Stotts and Rivers.

Per the  

“Behind the scenes, the Blazers were fighting for McCollum to play. They sought a rules clarification from the NBA and disputed the timing of the incident.Don Vaden, the NBA’s director of officials, was at the game and mediated the situation with both teams.

In the end, according to a league source, the NBA gave Clippers coach Doc Rivers the option to let McCollum play. He declined.

About 30 minutes before tipoff, the Clippers’ coaching staff was noticeably animated outside the visiting locker room. When asked why after the game, Rivers said they were trying to get a handle on McCollum’s playing status.

“We were trying to figure out what the heck,” Rivers said. “We knew you couldn’t change the rule, because it happened to us. But it’s not on us to do that. That’s all on them.””

Nicely done, Doc. This isn’t a rec softball league. If you can get your team an advantage on a technicality, you do it. 

The move worked out, as the Clippers beat Portland, 109-98.

Rivers and McCollum shared this brief exchange in the post game. We have a feeling McCollum will be looking for some revenge when the two meet again.

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