Dion Waiters Calls for Ball After Bouncing 3 Pt Attempt Off Top of Backboard

You’ve got to feel for Dion Waiters. Here’s a look at his past few months in the NBA:

  • Rejected by LeBron after begging for the ball (Cavs)
  • Traded from the Cavs to the Thunder
  • Told media that he’s happy with the trade because OKC actually lets him touch the ball
  • Proceeded to miss a breakaway layup
  • Fumbled another breakaway layup
  • Missed a 3 off the top of the backboard, then called for the ball
  • Missed an easy layup in garbage time

You can find all of the above videos by searching Dion in the menu search tab.

Here’s the past two episodes of “Dion being Dion”.

Then later, in the 4th quarter Dion connected! (With the rim)

Luckily for Dion, the Thunder are pretty good.

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