Die-Hard Browns Fans Making Serious Attempt to Buy the Team

After years of absolute blah, some Browns fans have decided to start raising money in order to buy the team. Their hopes;  putting a fat revamp session in order. Fans owning teams is 1/1 in the NFL considering anyone with a pulse knows the Packers are consistently fucking incredible.

The group of dudes call themselves the “Billion Dollar Browns”. Guess they’re hoping to get the homie hook-up, as the Browns are actually valued at $1.5 Bil.

The group has their own website at

They also have a ‘go fund me’ page…

Since the page started on September 9th, they’ve raised a whopping $529.00 – which is roughly enough to buy an xbox one and madden, then manage the Browns virtually. If they end up raising the rest of the money needed, the ownership will consist of 13 die hard fans:

“six great football minds from Ohio — high school and college coaches with a passion for the game — and seven superb civic leaders.”

If by the grace of God this plan works, the Browns have no choice but to become a better team. Since 1999, they’ve only had 2 winning seasons.

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They have now raised $534!!!!!! 


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