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Derrick Rose Injures Leg Yet Again

Another Bulls season, another Derrick Rose injury. And guess what, it’s his legs again.

Rose sat out the last two minutes of last night’s win over Toronto after falling hard while driving to the net… how many Bulls fans went into cardiac arrest when they saw his legs give out:


Albeit Rose’s new injury appears to be just a tweak of his hamstring (fingers crossed), Bulls fans are used to hoping for the best and expecting the worst. According to ESPN’s Nick Freidell, Rose will get an MRI tomorrow:

Nine games into a season that Rose has already missed four games, it seems as though this Bulls season will be summed up in two words — Exciting but Stressful.

The Bulls look deep and strong —  especially after their big win on the road in Toronto — but the heart of the team is still Rose and if he can’t stay healthy, the Bulls can’t advance deep into the playoffs. Every time D-Rose touches the ball, Bulls fans will have to hold their breath. No player in the NBA is more exciting to watch yet cringe-worthy at the same time.

The good news for Rose is that after suffering injuries to his knees, ankles, hamstring and toes… there is no possible place on his legs to suffer a new injury. Oh wait, those damn calves.

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