Delonte West Allegedly Blasts LeBron On Twitter: “Fuck LeBron James” “Take My Name Out Yo Mouth”

Delonte West, always known by @CharleeRedz13 on Twitter, has allegedly gone at LeBron James with a separate Twitter account.

Originally we called bullshit on this one, as just another copy cat internet troll trying to gain some followers. Yet after looking into the account, it appears to be more legitimate than we suspected. 

Just this last year, Delonte’s previous D-League team and former Cavs’ swing man wished him a happy bday under this handle.

Not sure why his actual team, and good friend from the Cavs (who is also trying to resurrect his career) would wish a fake account a happy bday.

Yet even with the verified accounts wishing him a happy bday, it’s not very normal for a former NBA baller to beg for more twitter followers.

Then again, Delonte is as far from normal as it gets. 

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