Is Dean Ambrose Leaving WWE?

Man, I love Dean Ambrose. I liked the guy on the indies as Jon Moxley, in FCW versus William Regal, as part of the SHIELD, and even in his current heel role as a pissed off and jilted dude who keeps saying he’s being held back.

Wait a minute. A pissed off and jilted dude that’s being held back? Sounds familiar. Is life imitating art here or is there more to the story? In case you haven’t read the dirt sheets, it was reported that Dean Ambrose has requested his release from WWE. Later on in the afternoon of Jan. 29 WWE released a statement saying that Dean Ambrose will not be renewing his contract.

This is something WWE never does.

As a fan, I would hate to see Ambrose go. If this is a legit headline of course. I would hate it more if he didn’t wrestle anywhere else. Ambrose is the caliber of talent that would have cart blanch anywhere he went. He would do very well for himself in NJPW, ROH, or AEW. WWE has a very heavy roster and with the current boom in pro wrestling, they are trying to lock as many talents down as possible. That being said wouldn’t they throw the world at Dean to make him happy? Of course, they would. He’s a WWE guy, right? The whole thing seems suspect.

There are three scenarios for this:

1) For once a rumor like this is true and Dean is out the door. He doesn’t renew his contract and goes elsewhere.

2) This is a way for WWE to figure out who is leaking information to the dirt sheets. Dean would be the perfect guy to use for that role since we always hear how much he keeps to himself. Plus, did you ever wonder how certain sites get their info? Someone is blabbing somewhere.

3) I think he’s done with the RAW brand and this is their way to move Dean to Smackdown. His feud with Seth essentially ended last night plus he was about to cut an in-ring promo that was interrupted by Nia Jax, who then attacked Dean, forcing him out of the ring. The character is at his lowest right? He really has no one worth it to feud with on RAW.

Making the transition to Smackdown makes tons of sense because he can feud with any of their top guys and it would make sense. Dean has a history with Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles, and who wouldn’t want to see him go up against Samoa Joe, Nakamura, Orton, Rey, and the list goes on. Dean on Smackdown gets him off of RAW programming, which is a show that doesn’t need him anymore. Smackdown could use him big time. And guess what; once Roman returns we can always get another SHIELD reunion that would blow the roof off the place.

What do you guys think?

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