Daniel Jones’ Madden 20 Rating is What?!

Did Jones deserve the rating he got?

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Daniel Jones, the quarterback who was selected sixth overall by the New York Giants out of Duke, was handed one of the most disrespectful Madden ratings of all time. Jones was handed an overall rating of 63. This is down right insanity. I could walk off the streets right now and get a higher rating than a 63. Heck, even when you play Madden and purposefully pick the worst “superstar” path of all time you’d get a higher rating than 63. Remember when Superstar mode first started and your rating was based on what your parents did for a living? Anyway, back to the news, let’s take a look at the rest of Daniel Jones’ ratings.

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I will give Madden and EA sports some credit, they were pretty generous to give Jones a pretty high rating in speed, acceleration, and agility, which we all know fair well in Madden. Not!

Now, I’m about as surprised as the next guy to see the Giants take Daniel Jones. It may be one of the worst picks in the history of the entire NFL, and we drafted Johnny Manziel. But overall Daniel Jones was projected to be taken in the second round, so a 63 rating is preposterous. Do you want to hear what’s even more disrespectful and preposterous? The fact that EA Sports had the audacity to film Jones’ reaction to seeing his rating.

Long story short, when you and your friends are randomly selecting three teams and picking the best one for your Madden matchups, the Giants probably aren’t the best bet.

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