Daily Cleveland Browns Roster Breakdown: Kareem Hunt

Kareem Hunt is looking to redeem himself with his hometown Browns this season.

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This is the 62nd installment of a series of articles covering each player on the Cleveland Browns roster. A new player will be previewed every day from now until the Browns preseason begins. If you enjoy (tolerate) this article, I encourage you to check back each day to read each one. I try to keep these articles short and sweet.

#27- Kareem Hunt– RB- Toledo

I call him Kareem “In The” Hunt because every team he plays for becomes instant playoff contenders. His past issues have been (rightfully) discussed ad nauseam so I am going to leave that part of his story out of this article. When it comes to football, I am especially excited to see what he can do in the Browns game at Pittsburgh this year. He could be out to prove once and for all that Hunt’s is better than Heinz. In fact, I expect the Steelers to be trying to play ketchup all game that day.

Hunt burst on to the scene as a rookie, leading the NFL in rushing yards (1,327). He was pacing to do similar numbers last year before his season ended after game 11. In less than two seasons with the Chiefs he rushed for 2,151 yards (4.75 YPC), added 833 yards receiving, and scored 25 touchdowns. Pairing him with Nick Chubb could be downright lethal.

It’s no secret that the Browns have drastically improved their offensive weapons over the last couple of seasons. John Dorsey has traded for Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham, Jr., while drafting Baker Mayfield and Chubb, and signing Hunt. Quite the two year stretch for this Cleveland offense. At first glance, Hunt’s 8 game suspension looks bad, but it could actually be a positive for the Browns. Having Chubb pound away at defenses the whole first half of the season then throwing in a fresh Hunt could be a great boost for the offense.

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