Daily Cleveland Browns Roster Breakdown: Drew Stanton

Drew Stanton looks to maintain his backup quarterback job while mentoring Baker Mayfield.

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This is the 63rd installment of a series of articles covering each player on the Cleveland Browns roster. A new player will be previewed every day from now until the Browns preseason begins. If you enjoy (tolerate) this article, I encourage you to check back each day to read each one. I try to keep these articles short and sweet.

#5- Drew Stanton– QB- Michigan State

Browns fans are really going to want to know more about this guy in the near future. I have a gut feeling that he is going to be the starting quarterback in Cleveland’s Week 17 matchup against Cincinnati. By my calculations, the Browns should have the number one overall seed wrapped up by that time and the Bengals are known for their dirty plays so Freddie Kitchens should let Baker Mayfield sit out the season finale.

Like my dad always says, if you aren’t the star quarterback, you might as well be the guy getting paid millions to hold a clipboard. Stanton is living my dad’s dream. He has been in the NFL since 2008 and has only taken 38 career sacks. To put that into perspective, Deshaun Watson was sacked 62 times in the last season alone.

In all seriousness, Browns fans are all really hoping they never see Stanton on the field outside of preseason games. Maybe he can do the Bernie Kosar and take a knee in the waning seconds of the Super Bowl while Baker Mayfield is running around hugging his coaches and teammates. (Let’s just hope Mayfield doesn’t text his mom afterward or Colin Cowherd will throw a hissy fit.)

Stanton seems like a consummate professional which is all you really want or need when you have a young starting quarterback. He is filling the void that Josh McCown was supposed to have with Johnny Manziel before everyone realized that Johnny was a lost cause.  I feel kind of dirty typing Manziel’s name into an article about the current Browns so feel free to bash that decision in the comment section. I deserve it.

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