Daily Cleveland Browns Roster Breakdown: Brian Price

Brian Price looks to add quality depth to an already stacked defensive line.

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This is the 21st installment of a series of articles covering each player on the Cleveland Browns roster. There will be a new player released every day from now until the Browns preseason begins. If you enjoy (tolerate) this article, I encourage you to check back each day to read each one. I try to keep these articles short and sweet.

#91- Brian Price– DT- Texas- San Antonio

Price is right to think that he could help the Browns this season. He bounced around from team to team like a Plinko chip until John Dorsey finally asked him to “Come on Down!” However, there is so much talent on Cleveland’s defensive line it looks like a “Showcase Special”. And remember kids, always get your pets spayed or neutered.

The defensive tackle started last season with the Oakland Raiders before joining the Browns’ practice squad in week 3. Price was eventually able to get on the active roster in Cleveland, making 11 tackles in 12 weeks with the Browns, including 1 tackle for loss.  You may be thinking, “Wow, he must be bad if the Raiders got rid of him,” but need I remind you that this is the same franchise that gave away Khalil Mack in his prime for a couple of draft picks.

Brian Price may have been one of the few people in Cleveland that was happy the Browns didn’t land Gerald McCoy. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, the Browns D-line is already pretty stacked. The position has been a huge focus for John Dorsey in his two seasons as general manager. All of these new additions may bump Price out of the rotation that he worked so hard to get into last season, but you never know and you can never have too much defensive line depth.

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