Daily Cleveland Browns Roster Breakdown: Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield looks to lead the Browns to their first playoff appearance since 2002.

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This is the 82nd and final installment of a series of articles covering each player on the Cleveland Browns roster. There has been a breakdown of every single player on the Browns roster, except for any guy added recently (sorry A.J. Oullette). I want to thank everyone who read all of these articles (thanks mom).

#6- Baker Mayfield– QB- Oklahoma

I have used these article to introduce players to Browns fans, which makes this breakdown a little difficult. If you don’t know about Baker Mayfield then you probably are on the wrong page. With #6 leading the way the Browns may field the best offense in the NFL. I am really tempted to make some Baker working with (Freddie) Kitchens puns but they have been so overplayed at this point. Oh forget it, when you put a Baker with Kitchens you are going to make better brownies.

Mayfield set the record for most passing touchdowns as a rookie. Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that he did it with only 13 starts. The young quarterback also threw for 3,725 yards (and 14 interceptions).

The Browns offense completely took off once Mayfield was thrust into the starting role. We all saw how special he is when he came off the bench and led Cleveland to a come from behind win on national television. The rest is history. It may come as a shock to you but Browns fans are overly optimistic about the second-year signal caller. With his new offensive weapons, John Dorsey has been working hard to prevent any kind of sophomore slump. I could gush for days about Mayfield, but odds are you are already bored reading this so I will end with this.

Go Browns! And screw Colin Cowherd!

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