Cris Carter Breaks Silence on Kawhi Leonard’s Pending Free Agency Decision

Cris Carter gave us some HUGE news on twitter today

Photo Courtesy of ESPN

Cris Carter, co-host of FS1’s First Thing’s First and NFL Hall-of-Famer, has been one of the closest media personalities to Kawhi Leonard’s camp throughout the past year. He’s even listed with the fifth-best odds to be the first to officially break Kawhi’s signing. Today, he dropped a report that changes a lot about the way that we’ll look at news surrounding Leonard’s pending free agency decision.

Tweet via Cris Carter

This conflicts just about every report that we have seen over the past couple of days and adds a whole new fold into this whole saga. With the Clippers back into the mix (though apparently they never left), the Lakers must now prove that LeBron and Anthony Davis by themselves are more appealing than the Clippers plethora of assets and role players.

Though this still doesn’t give us any insight into what Kawhi and his team are thinking, it is important that we know the teams that he is deciding between. As CC said, this decision will likely take a couple of days to become official, so don’t hold your breath. Meanwhile, we can continue to listen to pundits speculate about his final choice, because nobody, even Kawhi, knows where he will be getting boards next season.

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