Cowboys Fan Fights Two Redskins Fans and Their Truck

Without a single team over .500 in the NFC East, the fans have been showing much more fight than the players they root for.  Take the Tony Romo-jerseyed big man in the video, who has the moxie to challenge the two smaller Skins fans to fisticuffs.

First of all, kudos to these guys for the class they displayed in this parking lot bout.  They square up, and there are no cheap shots thrown.  That’s how it should be done.

Tony Romo clearly had the edge, landing a shot to the Sean Taylor throwback rocking fella and putting his ass on the ground.  But his best move comes late, when he dodges the truck and lands a nice straight right to the driver’s side window.

After these rivals were brawling with knives in the stadium, it’s good to see some good old fashioned hands being thrown here.

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