BREAKING: Colts QB Andrew Luck Announces Retirement

After seven years in the NFL, Andrew Luck decided to hang up the cleats and retire.

Photo via Sports Illustrated

Andrew Luck, former number one pick, has retired. The news came on Saturday night, almost two weeks before the season starts, and it might be the biggest news Adam Schefter has ever reported.

Luck has been one of the top quarterbacks since coming in the league. Since 2012, he has 23,617 yards, 171 touchdowns, and a 61% completion percentage in 86 games. He’s been a four-time Pro Bowler and Comeback Player of the Year. His injuries molded him into a comeback player of the year and now it’s the reason he’s retiring now. In his career, he’s missed an entire season for shoulder injuries and has consistently been a question mark.

This offseason, Luck was dealing with a calf injury. The injury has been regarded as a bone issue, which was causing him to be a question mark for the season. However, Luck has decided that enough is enough and his mental health was being tested with these injuries.

Luck, possibly the nicest quarterbacks to ever play, will be leaving the Colts with Jacoby Brissett as the starting quarterback. With Luck, the Colts possessed one of the top offenses and overall teams. Brissett may be one of the best backups, but he will never be the same as Luck.

By retiring, Luck will be giving up $58.1 million in earnings. That’s a crazy amount to see, but putting his health first was more important.

It’s a shame to see a quarterback like Luck go to injuries similar to so many talented players in the past. Being only 29-years-old, hopefully, this won’t be the last we ever see of him.

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