2019 College Football Playoff Predictions

This year’s National Championship run is set to be a good one.

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With college football returning this Saturday, I thought it would be fun to give some predictions on who will make the College Football Playoff and ultimately win the National Championship. While I know it’s way too early and it’s too hard to tell, nothing is more fun than giving bold predictions am I right? Let’s get into it.

1 – Clemson Tigers

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I mean, this is a given right? The Clemson Tigers have been an absolute powerhouse the last couple of years. With some experience under his belt, and not to mention, a National Championship, Quarterback Trevor Lawrence is going to mop the floor with everyone in college football and place himself at the top of everyone’s draft boards come next May.

2 – Alabama

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If you thought that Clemson and Alabama wouldn’t come in at number one and two on this list you’re living on a different planet. Tua is going to come out on a tear and take Alabama all the way to another undefeated season. I think towards the end of the season Georgia may give Bama fits in the SEC championship game but ultimately Bama pulls through and goes undefeated once again.

3 – Texas

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I think Texas is back folks. I think that Sam Ehlinger is the real deal when it comes to college quarterbacks and they will have a monster season. I wholeheartedly believe that Texas beats out Oklahoma this season and because the Big 12 has zero defensive prowess, they skate their way into the number three spot.

4 – Ohio State

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Number four was a tricky spot to pick. There are so many teams who could slide into this spot. You have Notre Dame, Michigan, Georgia, Oklahoma, etc. but ultimately I think that Justin Fields proves why he was once the number one quarterback prospect and dominates the Big Ten, leads OSU to another dominating victory of Michigan, and lets be honest they have a pretty easy schedule this season so this shouldn’t be hard. Also, I am a die-hard OSU fan so them taking the number four spot should be a given.

Now, let’s get down to the matchups, shall we?

1-Clemson vs 4-Ohio State

While I am a die-hard OSU fan through and through (O-H!), I don’t see them winning this game. Clemson is on another level. We haven’t even seen either team play a game yet and I can already tell OSU gets murdered here. That hurt coming off my fingertips on the keyboard, but it must be said.

Clemson 42 – Ohio State 13.

2-Alabama vs 3-Texas

While it’s easy to say that Alabama wins this game, I’m going to say that they win it but it’s extremely close. Texas puts on a show and nearly sends Bama home early in the playoff race. Nevertheless, Bama wins this one.

Alabama 28 – Texas 27

National Championship – 1-Clemson vs 2-Alabama

While I know this is farfetched to have this matchup happen again, I just can’t see any other scenario playing out. These two teams are just too good not to reach the National Championship one more time and duel it out with two of the best quarterbacks in college football. Here’s the thing though, Clemson wins this game nine times out of ten. They’re just too good and Trevor Lawrence is the real deal. Clemson wins another one and both Lawrence and Tua (not going to even attempt that last name) both sail off into the sunset and join their respective NFL teams for glorious careers.

Clemson 42 – Alabama 34

Now that’s just how I see it playing out. That number four spot is a very tricky one that could end up a million different ways. Comment below who you would think the change out and why.

Cheers, Jiggy

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