Colin Kaepernick Allegedly Turned Down Contract Offer

Free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick continues to make headlines for all things unrelated to his play on a football field. The activist-minded Kaepernick’s unemployment has been the target of many opinions, many taking his side and blaming the NFL for blackballing him due to his protest of the National Anthem.

Now, the Daily Caller reports that the former Super Bowl starter turned down an offer from a team to be a backup for $900K. The piece goes on to state that Kaepernick allegedly refused the contract offer because he feels he deserves more than “backup money,” and also that he can continue to stay in the media with hopes of drumming up additional interest that will lead to a bigger pay day.

While many in the media have blamed the NFL for everything from racism to cowardice, Kaepernick continues to be his own worst enemy in his pursuit of a job in the NFL.

Most recently his girlfriend, Nessa Diab, completely sabotaged his chances with the Ravens by tweeting an image portraying Baltimore owner Steve Bisciotti and franchise legend Ray Lewis as a master and slave. Kaepernick’s silence on his special lady friend’s post seems to indicate he’s in tacit agreement with the imagery. If you’re sincere in your desire to join a team, you don’t insult the owner and face of a franchise’s history with inflammatory racial imagery.

We’ve moved beyond the point of whether or not Kaepernick’s abilities as a quarterback merit a job on a roster this season. Teams have been weighing whether or not the juice is worth the squeeze, meaning are the distractions you’ll incur with him on the roster worth his prowess on the field. From his socks depicting police officers as pigs to his girlfriend’s derogatory social media post, Kaepernick’s aim seems to be making himself as unemployable as possible.

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Kaepernick’s been trying to portray himself as a man exposing injustice he sees in today’s society, which has led to him being a victim at the hands of the NFL in his eyes. His proponents will point at quarterback’s athletically inferior to him that have jobs, only because they aren’t the outspoken champions of injustice, a burden Kaepernick has willingly chosen to carry.

But if this allegation he turned down a contract offer is true, it’s much more telling of Kaepernick’s situation. Certainly his activism has been counterproductive to getting an offer from a team. If it turns out he’s already turned down an opportunity, it shows he’s using his plight to stay in the media. There’s no more circus around the quarterback if he signs as a backup for the veteran’s minimum. He goes back to being just another football player instead of the martyr out here fighting the good fight. He’s already claimed he’s done protesting the anthem, so there’s no story with him on the sidelines on Sundays in 2017.

Instead, he can refuse a contract offer and continue to be the victim and continue to stay in the news cycle. It’s great fodder for his activism and gives his supporters more ammo for hot takes and stories on his struggle. It keeps his narrative going and saves him from fading back into the obscurity of mediocrity in the NFL.

Perhaps the report is all bullshit by detractors. That’s a possibility as well. But Kaepernick’s actions in his efforts to get on a roster haven’t given the public any reason to believe he genuinely desires that end result. If he did, he’d be pretty fucking pissed off at his girlfriend or blowing up his latest opportunity with the Ravens. Instead, he’s silent, and it’s deafening.

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  1. Mike Petras

    August 9, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    it’s a good question. if you support Kaepernick, then just write this off as “fake news” and attack the Daily Caller for the article. if you don’t support Kaepernick, assume it’s true and let it reinforce your world view. and if you don’t give a shit, thanks for the click anyway!

  2. Anonymous

    August 9, 2017 at 1:48 pm

    Wtf is the point of writing a story that “might” be true. Idk what to do with this.

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