Clowney to the Dolphins, I’ll Pass

I’ll pass on JaDeveon Clowney

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I’m not going to try and say that the JaDeveon Clowney to the Dolphins is weak rumors. They aren’t. We know that he met with the Dolphins yesterday and Brian Flores had a nice conversation about what they can offer him he chooses South Florida as where he wants to take his talents. We’ve also have heard that he prefers to play for the Seahawks and Eagles. To that I say, yeah, I don’t really blame him. They are win-now teams and Miami simply isn’t

The question is; should the Miami Dolphins who are in full tank rebuilding mode, who has gotten rid of bad contract after bad contract all in an effort to get younger and cheaper bring in a guy that will cost around $100 million dollars? Making the idea of bringing in Clowney even more sketchy is the injury concern. But perhaps the biggest reason to not sign Clowney is that it would be so Miami Dolphins to pay top dollar for a guy who has 29 sacks in five seasons. Signing Clowney to a mega-deal is something old regimes would do with glee thinking that the shiny new toy will be the answer.

Clowney does check some boxes that the Dolphins are looking for. He’s young(26), is very good at a position of need which is also not very behind QB in terms of the most important positions in football. For an organization looking to get younger, he seems like the kind of guy they should be all over. But, then you have to factor in the money it would cost to bring in him, the fact that we all know that his production doesn’t warrant that kind of contract, that signing Clowney would go against how the Dolphins are trying to set up their team for the future and that they would have trade picks and players to get him. Sure, some of those players might be Stills, Drake and McMillian. Those players have a low chance of being here next year, but I really like the idea of entering next year’s draft with the ability to nearly do anything due to having so many picks. I was against signing Tre Flowers, and I’m against signing JaDeveon Clowney.

Clowney is a freak athlete who has an in-demand skill set. We all remember the play against Michigan where he buried that running back. It was awesome and it’s a play that we will watch until the Sun explodes. But since being in the NFL, to me, he’s only been a pretty good player. You want pretty good players on your team, but not for that price and potential loss of draft picks for a team that is doing things the right way by steering clear of big-money players that aren’t drafted by the Dolphins themselves.

By The Way- If the Dolphins do end up getting Clowney I will 100% rationalize it and write a blog saying that after thinking about it that it was the right move for a team on the rise. Book it

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