Cleveland Media Sends Little Person to Marvin Lewis Press Conference

That smiling face belongs to “Lil” John Rinaldi, a local celebrity in Cleveland who acted on a local 70’s/80’s sketch show called Big Chuck and Lil John.  Lil John’s no stranger to comedy, so when Marvin Lewis offended a demographic of short folks with his “midget” comment in reference to Johnny Manziel, Rinaldi took advantage of this big opportunity.

Dressed in a Fox8 jacket, Rinaldi sat in the front row at Lewis’ Wednesday press conference and represented the Cleveland news affiliate.

Here’s a better look.

Lil John successfully lobbed a few questions at Lewis, including:

“Based on the height difference on a player like Manziel, how has your defensive approach changed for Sunday’s game?”

“Hoyer likes to stand tall in the pocket and Manziel likes to move around.  What challenges does that present to your defense?”

Lewis humbly answered Rinaldi’s hilarious questions, and the two spoke after the press conference.

It’s safe to say, we agree with Browns’ punter Spencer Lanning:

Dearest Bros-

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