Cleveland Radio Host Fired After Saying Jabrill Peppers is “High All The Time”

The Browns selected Jabrill Peppers 25th in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, and some fans were on the fence about the pick. One particular ESPN Radio Cleveland host, Sabrina Parr thinks it was a mistake and is a Josh Gordon situation all over again.

Peppers tested positive for a dilute sample at the NFL Combine in March, and Parr thinks it’s just an excuse for the red flag of drug abuse.

It sounds like in the short time that Peppers has been a member of the Browns, Parr has witnessed Peppers’ drug abuse.

Parr tried to backtrack her comments on Twitter but it was already to late. WKNR announced Wednesday night it had terminated Parr’s employment.

In what appears to be a good draft haul Browns fans hopes Parr is wrong.

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