Cleveland News Channel 5 is Staking Out Johnny Manziel’s House DEMANDING ANSWERS

When you want to make a name for yourself in this biz, you need to get the hard truths answered. Cleveland’s Channel 5 news is here to do just that…no matter what it takes.

Per Channel 5’s Kristin Volk:

“Something interesting happened today. We heard voices inside. Guys’ voices.”

 “When I knocked, they got silent.”

 “When we got to the front door there was a sheet over the window.”

I wonder why the fuck they did that?!

“We knocked three times and rang the doorbell two.”

 “Four hours later and no one has come out here.”

The Cleveland reporting crew has visited Manziel’s Avon, OH home multiple times attempting to get answers. And you wonder why the Browns’ QB doesn’t want to talk to the media.

Good luck News Channel 5. Hope you break the big story of Johnny walking out of his house. 


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