6 Potential Players and Storylines the Browns Should Acquire on Draft Day

An extensive list of draft-eligible players who the Cleveland Browns should select this April based solely on potential storylines.

Photo from Cleveland Browns Twitter account

For the first time in a long time, fans of the Cleveland Browns don’t have to obsess over mock drafts. They don’t need to study film and interviews from every eligible quarterback in the country.

However, this year’s draft is vital to this young team’s continued growth which has led me to create a list of players I want the Browns to select on April 25.

This list is not an endorsement of the player’s skill or ability. The young men are listed here because their acquisition would make excellent storylines for the Browns next season. Most of them will be gone long before the Browns pick at no. 17. But a guy can dream.

1. Josh Allen, LB, Kentucky


Josh Allen is a top talent and plays a position that the Browns need help at. However, those aren’t the reasons I’m pulling for Cleveland to draft him. The Browns need this young man so all the fans on Twitter who campaigned for Josh Allen (the quarterback) last year can make bad jokes about how they were actually talking about this guy. Even if the Browns aren’t able to get him on draft day, we can look forward to middle-aged men everywhere tweeting, “I thought he got drafted last year LOL” or “Wow, he must’ve changed positions #Draft.”

2. Greg LittleOT, Ole Miss


The offensive line as a whole looked better after the coaching change. Freddie Kitchens’ play calling and healthy wide receivers gave Baker a chance to get rid of the ball quicker. That being said, one of the needs I keep seeing pop up for Cleveland is the offensive tackle position. The best part of this pick would be the recycling of all the no. 15 jerseys from the last Greg Little to wear the orange and brown. As an added bonus, the new Little could do stupid first down signs every time he successfully blocks someone as an homage to the old wideout.

3. Rashan Gary, DE, Michigan


The only Ohio State players that are consistently projected as first rounders are Nick Bosa and Dwayne Haskins. Bosa is supposed to go in the top 3. And with advances in medicine, Cleveland won’t need to draft a QB in the first round again until at least 2045. The next best thing from drafting Buckeyes is drafting Michigan men. This way fans can irrationally hate them until they become really good pros. I look forward to Mr. Gary getting heckled at local CVS’ all across Northeast Ohio until he proves himself.

4. Deandre Baker, CB, Georgia



Maybe its recency bias, but if your name is Baker I want you in Cleveland. With Kitchens at the helm, I would trade for Dalvin Cook and Buddha Baker. Then go and sign Brandin Cooks and get Connor Cook to back up Mayfield. You can never have too many cooks and bakers in Freddie’s kitchen (insert cricket sound).

5. D.K. Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss



Much like the Greg Little pick, I’d love to see all the old Metcalf jerseys come out of retirement. D.K. Metcalf is actually the nephew of the Cleveland legend. If I’m the Browns, I would force Metcalf to wear no. 21 strictly for the nostalgia effect. Sorry, Denzel Ward. Also, Clevelanders love nicknames. With a name like D.K. I’m sure we could come up with some doozies.

6. Marquise Brown, WR, Oklahoma



Drafting Marquise Brown actually makes sense for a couple of reasons. He is explosive and has already worked with Mayfield at Oklahoma. Personally, I hope Cleveland takes him so he can join a long line of great Cleveland players who last names are Brown, like Paul, Jim, Sashi, and Courtney. The only downside is Cleveland isn’t big enough for two Hollywoods. Either he or Higgins will have to change their name or leave town.



If Cleveland somehow acquires any of these players, please credit me for first reporting it. Also, be prepared to see dozens of corny tweets about it immediately following the draft. Later on, I will release some late round sleepers. It’s just players who would create great storylines for Browns fans and media members. Truth be told, its just people with funny names or back stories. Feel free to comment with other young men you’d love to see in Orange and Brown next fall.

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