Cleveland Browns Considering Leonard Fournette with #1 Overall?

Full disclosure- Leonard Fournette is my favorite player in this year’s draft. I’m also a Browns fan. And even though I’d love to see the LSU phenom behind the Browns’ new fortified line, even I might give up on the Browns if this scenario plays out.

CBS’ Jason La Canfora is hearing that the Browns may in fact pull a fast one on the entire league and go in a different direction than Myles Garrett. While unlikely, you never know with Cleveland GMs.

Per Jason La Canfora of CBS:

“Some have suggested to me that Fournette is even in play at No. 1 with the Browns. Yes, you read that correctly. I don’t see that happening, and in the end, I suspect the Browns take pass rusher Myles Garrett. But then again, the Browns are capable of some extreme curve balls in that front office and their version of analytics tends to swing outside of convention. Maybe someone believes the devaluation of running backs has gone too far.”

The Browns have tried to outthink every NFL mind in previous drafts, most recently passing on Sammy Watkins to land Justin Gilbert via a trade down. Yet the new Cleveland Browns brass appears to have their heads on their shoulders, landing a few solid players in 2016 including Emmanuel Ogbah and Carl Nassib…two promising edge rushers. It would be the shock of the 2017 draft…and hopefully for Browns fans like myself…a scenario that we don’t see play out.

The draft kicks off April 27th. Grab a beer, Cleveland.

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