Carmelo Anthony Done for Season: Buys $11 Million Home to Help Recover

The same day Carmelo announces he is most likely done for the season, he buys an $11 million apartment in New York City. Coincidence? I think not.

Can’t really blame ‘Melo for this — if any of us bought a multi-million pad, we’d want to ditch out on work and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Plus, an $11 million home has got to take a lot of time to move in to.

How awesome is Carmelo’s new place? Check out the listing here, but some of the highlights include a pretty nice tub to help rehab your knee:

508w24 - Master Bath

Sweet living room where he can now have time to catch up on episodes of House of Cards:

508w24 - Living Room

On another note, Bulls fans must be pretty relieved right now. Six months ago they were about to mortgage the entire future of their franchise to acquire then free agent Carmelo. After last night’s big win against the Cavs and the emergence of All-Star Jimmy Butler, I’d say Chicago came out the winner.

But ‘Melo probably knew something was up anyways… how much would it have sucked if he bought a huge home in Chicago just to have to freeze his ass off winter?

Enjoy your time off, we’re all still very jealous of you.


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