Can Zion Williamson Hit a Golf Ball Over those Mountains?

Zion Williamson is an athletic freak on the basketball court, but with a golf club in his hand, can he hit a golf ball over those mountains?

Photo Courtesy of GoDuke

It’s a fun time to be Zion Williamson. You know you’re going to be the number one overall pick and 10’s of millions are headed your way. Then the team you know is picking you trades one of the best players in the league in Anthony Davis. That has to be some kind of moment when you realize, that it’s definitely going to be your team when you get there.

Cool to hear him say it wasn’t a life-changing moment, but he was on a golf range when it happened, so his focus was on pulverizing golf balls.

Which brings me to the most interesting question of this video; can Zion Williamson hit a golf ball over those mountains? My guess is when Zion approaches the ball he’s not just letting the club do the work. He’s trying to hit the ball out of orbit, and I think if anyone can do it, it’s him. I’m sure current and former powerlifters, like Braun Strowman, have picked up a club to see how far they can hit it. But, since we’ve never seen anyone look like Zion in the NBA before, it most certainly means that no one like Zion has ever swung a golf club before. His athleticism is much better than powerlifters and strongmen, so I feel that he can in fact hit a golf ball over those mountains if he catches it cleanly. I don’t even think he has to replicate Happy Gilmore’s swing to get the job done.

Apparently, Zion was filmed golfing by TMZ and they thought he was golfing poorly. I saw a ball go straight up, like nine miles up in the air and I saw another ball that he hit into the ground that undoubtedly reached the Earth’s core. Shame on these people for saying Zion sucks at golf.

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