Can The U’s Phillip Dorsett Break Combine 40-Yard Dash Record?

Miami WR Phillip Dorsett is fast.  He’s actually fast as fuck, to be more exact.  He’s so fast he’s looking to run “under 4.3” in the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine.

Officially, RB Chris Johnson holds the record with a 4.24 time back in 2008.  Rondel Melendez posted the same time in 1999, but his NFL career didn’t exactly work out, so no one cares.

According to Dorsett, his personal best in the 40 was clocked at 4.21.  That would be the fastest since the NFL Combine began electronically timing the 40 back in 1999.  It wouldn’t, however, measure up to the most legendary 40 time ever.

Bo Jackson, arguably the greatest athlete in the history of mankind, was timed at 4.12 back at the 1986 combine.  The very same week, he was also clocked at 4.18 in a different attempt.  Unfortunately, these were hand timers, so they don’t count on the official record, but really, everyone knows Bo was the fastest man to ever play in the NFL.

Whether or not Dorsett sets the record, he’s going to have a future in the NFL.  Currently, the speed demon is pegged as a late-first to early-second round pick.  If Al Davis were still alive, he’d be trading up to ensure he nabbed the speedster.

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