Cam Newton Signs Cleats For Disabled Fan

When it comes to unwarranted ridicule, Cam Newton is no stranger. As of late, Newton has been barraged with useless derision on how his celebrations have ruined the game for today’s youth.

Due to a simple dance move known to the world as the “dab” Newton has been wrongly persecuted by many as some one their children should detest, rather than look up to. When in reality, Newton is an upstanding citizen and an athlete who our youth should aspire to become. This fierce competitor rarely attempts to banter with these ignorant naysayers, instead, he proves them wrong through his actions.

While leaving practice this week Cam Newton did just this, prove them wrong through his actions.

Love him or hate him, this act of kindness warrants your respect. Well done Cam and best of luck against the Broncos.



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