Bryon Scott Disses ‘Soft’ Lakers After Being Pummeled by Kings

The Lakers are still having trouble shaking their ‘soft’ curse. It began in 2012 with Dwight Howard, Kobe brought it back last year by screaming his team was ‘Charmin Soft’ during practice, and now their own coach, Byron Scott, has decided to keep the stigma alive.

After adding Roy Hibbert this offseason, it was assumed that the Laker defense would improve immediately…especially in the paint. The opposite has happened thus far. They gave up 80 points in the key to a below par Kings team. In their first two games, they’ve swallowed 244 opposing points. Rough.

Scott chose not to hold back with his opinion of the Lakers performance last night…

“We just sucked,” Scott said of his team’s defense. “Simple as that.”

“Defense is obviously a big concern, Transition defense and lack of effort, also. We just didn’t come with a focus tonight for whatever reason at the start of the game.”

“Again, we started off real soft. They started off real aggressive. They came up, they picked us up 94 feet. We were careless with the ball. From that point on, it seemed to go downhill.”

“Basically, they had their way with us. I told [Lakers players] at halftime, ‘Sooner or later, you’ve got to man up. You’ve got to man up. It doesn’t come down sometimes to X’s and O’s. You’ve got guys going at you. You’ve got to man up.’ “


Any team that allows Rondo to score 21 points has issues. The Lakers need to turn it around immediately….

At least the Lakers can score. As shitty as their non-existent defense has been, they’ve managed to tally 111 and 114 points.

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