@BrownsMemes NFL Power Rankings: Week 10

Week ten of the NFL season was a little bit wild all over. Wild weather, wild finishes and a wild shakeup in the top ten of our weekly rankings defined this week’s slate of games. Perhaps what makes this week even wilder is the fact that nearly the entire top half of this list checks in at over three games over .500. Some wild playoff races are shaping up, so let’s see how our computer sorts them out after this week’s games.

#1 Pittsburgh Steelers 9-0 Last Week #1 – There are a lot of good teams rolling along in the NFL this season, but not all of them have dominating defenses. The Steelers certainly do. They made easy work of the Bengals this week, extending their run on the top yet another week.

#2 Kansas City Chiefs 8-1 LW #2 – The Chiefs enjoyed their bye over this past week. Next week they get their chance to avenge their only blemish on their record when they face off against the Raiders.

#3 New Orleans Saints 7-2 LW #5 – I’m not sure that reaching their peak ranking of the 2020 campaign is going to be much solace for Saints fans after the news that Drew Brees suffered serious rib injuries in their win over the 49ers this past Sunday. It appears that the Saints will turn to Jameis Winston for the foreseeable future to try to lead the team into the postseason.

#4 Green Bay Packers 7-2 LW #4 – The Packers earned their seventh win this past Sunday. Unfortunately for them, the computer noticed that win was a nail-biter against a Jaguars team that hasn’t had many teams sweating too much this season. Although a win is a win, and making the playoffs and making the computer happy are two different things. For now, the Packers stay put in the fourth spot.

#5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-3 LW #9 – Historically Tom Brady has a tremendous record when coming off a loss. It seemed he added a little extra to the game this week since they were coming off such a terrible loss. The Buccaneers still look like a dangerous team to be reckoned with in the NFC.

#6 Baltimore Ravens 6-3 LW #3 – Up until this past week the Ravens have only looked bad against the absolute top teams in the NFL. This week they apparently went for a bit of nostalgia as they made the Patriots look like they were still one of those teams. This was an ill-timed loss for the Ravens because the AFC is shaping up so tight that they are now one loss away from losing their playoff position altogether.

#7 Miami Dolphins 6-3 LW #10 – The Dolphins are among the teams in the AFC that are making things a little bit crazy. Preseason predictions didn’t show much love to the Dolphins as they were expected to use this as a transition year for rookie Tua Tagovailoa and sit among the bottom of their division. Although it has been a transition year, they have decided to do it while winning games.

#8 Indianapolis Colts 6-3 LW #12 – The Colts have done quite a job of getting their train back onto the rails. Last Sunday’s win over the Titans was rather convincing and have ushered the Colts right back into the top ten of the rankings.

#9 Arizona Cardinals 6-3 LW #11 – Last week I wrote that if the Cardinals were going to get themselves into the top ten of these rankings they were going to have to lean on Kyler Murray. This week Murray showed that there is very little reason to ever count him out. The “Hail Murray” to win the game over the Bills in the final seconds will be one of those plays that gets the replay treatment for years to come.

#10 Los Angeles Rams 6-3 LW #13 – The Rams will round out our top ten this week after scoring a nice win over the Seahawks. This was an important win for the Rams as they seem to be trending up at a great time for making a second-half push to win the NFC West.

#11 Buffalo Bills 7-3 LW #8 – We’ve already talked about the manner in which the Bills lost last Sunday. What makes it worse is the Dolphins have seemed to gotten red hot, so the Bills will need to lick their wounds over their bye week and get back on the winning track during the stretch run.

#12 Seattle Seahawks 6-3 LW #6 – Few teams are tumbling down the rankings as quickly as the Seahawks. While they are still a formidable offensive unit, their defense seems to be holding this team back. They just cannot afford to turn the ball over the way they did against the Rams and keep their head above water. They will need to turn things around to keep pace with the Rams in their division race.

#13 Tennessee Titans 6-3 LW #7 – It is hard to believe that several weeks ago the Titans were 5-0 and sitting in the second spot on this list. Since then the team is 1-3 and sinking like a stone on our rankings. Things aren’t getting easier for the Titans as they will face the Ravens next week as they look to stay in the hunt for the postseason.

#14 Las Vegas Raiders 6-3 LW #14 – The Raiders continue to impress, this time around giving a very stern beating to the Broncos. They will officially turn some heads if they can sweep the Chiefs next week.

#15 Cleveland Browns 6-3 LW #15 – The Browns can’t seem to find a nice place to play a football game. For the second straight game, they have had to endure incredible winds that have turned their games into crapshoots. Fortunately for them, they found a way to win last week. Unfortunately, this list is very crowded above them and they will remain in the #15 spot for the third straight week.

#16 Chicago Bears 5-5 LW #16 – Since this is such a strange season, there is an incredible drop off between #15 and #16. The Bears are finding themselves in desperate need of their bye week coming up, as Nick Foles was injured at the end of Monday’s loss against the Vikings. With Mitchell Trubisky still nursing a shoulder injury the Bears will need to regroup to recapture that hot start the team enjoyed earlier in the season.

#17 Minnesota Vikings 4-5 LW #19 – Unlike many of the teams directly above the Vikings, the team is trying to shake off a rocky start to a season. The Vikings have been playing solid defense and riding a red hot Dalvin Cook to suddenly become a tough game for anyone they line up against.

#18 New England Patriots 4-5 LW #20 – The Patriots have tried to put a stop to folks dancing on their graves with an impressive win over the Ravens this past Sunday. While this was another game played in rather poor conditions, that type of weather probably should have favored Baltimore. Instead, the Patriots showed that they can run the ball with anyone and kept their slim playoff hopes alive.

#19 San Francisco 49ers 4-5 LW #17 – Fortunately for the 49ers this ranking accounts for the team’s entire body of work over the season. I’m afraid that probably isn’t going to ease many of their fan’s minds as the injuries have seemed to derail a very promising season.

#20 Detroit Lions 4-5 LW #23 – I’m not sure that a three-point win over Washington is going to change too many people’s perception of the Lions. They just keep hanging around, but I think are just a few too many better teams in this league for the Lions to salvage a playoff spot this season. Only time will tell because they just keep hanging around.

#21 Philadelphia Eagles 3-5-1 LW #18 – I wish we could ban the NFC East from the playoffs this season. This team lost to the Giants and still holds a lead in that putrid division.

#22 Atlanta Falcons 3-6 LW #21 – Hopefully the bye week didn’t kill the Falcons’ momentum. It seems like this team finally figured out how to win some games, so maybe we can quit writing about their heartbreaking losses for the rest of this campaign.

#23 Carolina Panthers 3-7 LW #22 – Unfortunately for the Panthers Teddy Bridgewater went down. Their hopes for salvaging this tough season probably went down with him. While Bridgewater doesn’t appear to be seriously injured, they are probably relegated to the role of spoiler from here on out.

#24 New York Giants 3-7 LW #29 – The Giants win over the Eagles this past Sunday is only Daniel Jones’ second win against a team that isn’t Washington in his entire career. The fact they are in striking distance of the division lead now is disgusting.

#25 Denver Broncos 3-7 LW #24 – Drew Lock threw four interceptions on Sunday against the Raiders. That isn’t going to improve anyone’s rankings here.

#26 Cincinnati Bengals 2-6-1 LW #25 – Head Coach Zac Taylor has found himself in hot water with Bengals fans after continuing to play Joe Burrow in a blowout. Burrow did not look 100% towards the end of the game and it made for a cringe-worthy end to another poor showing by the Bengals.

#27 Los Angeles Chargers 2-7 LW #26 – The Chargers are a paradox. They seem to be competitive in every game they play. They have an offense that can seemingly move the ball. They just can’t seem to win games.

#28 Washington Football Team 2-7 LW #27 – Alex Smith threw for a bunch of yards against the Lions. That is probably the extent of the positives or feel-good moments that Washington has provided this season.

#29 Houston Texans 2-7 LW #28 – The Texans are the worst in the NFL at stopping the run. The Texans are thin at running back due to injuries. They also had to play a game in high winds that forced everyone to run the ball most of the game. It is pretty easy to figure out what happened next.

#30 Dallas Cowboys 2-7 LW #29 – Thankfully the Cowboys were on a bye this past weekend, so we weren’t subjected to another snoozer of a prime-time game featuring these guys. Unfortunately, they return next week in another prime slot for a football game.

#31 Jacksonville Jaguars 1-8 LW #31 – Somehow the Jaguars gave the Packers a scare last Sunday. Maybe the Jake Luton era will provide another scare to the Steelers this next week. Probably not though.

#32 New York Jets 0-9 LW #32 – The Jets were on a bye last week… and probably still found a way to lose. I’m sorry, lame jokes pretty much define the Jets at this point.

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