Browns Lose Nail-Biter in Typical Browns Fashion

The Browns and Chargers faced off this afternoon in what proved to be a shootout. It was back and forth all game while fans argued ‘which team sucks more’.

In the final minutes Cleveland came through with an epic TD and 2PT conversion to tie the game up…leaving nearly 3min left for Philip River’s handicapped offense. 3 plays later, SD was already in field goal range. Running the ball, forcing Cleveland to use their Timeouts. It was looking good for the Bolts.

3 secs left in the game and the Chargers call a Timeout. Their rookie kicker, Josh Lambo, comes in for his chance at his first game-winner. A 39 yarder.

Wide-Right!!!! Overtime!

………………or not.

FLAG. offsides.

Not only giving Lambo another shot, this time its only a 34 Yarder…

Game over. Bolts Win.

The Browns beat the Browns by 3. Another sweet piece of history for the Browns to add to their insanely large collection of fuck-ups.

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