Breaking Down the Overnight Dealing of Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown’s New Contract With the Oakland Raiders is pretty nice


Let’s be honest; I wasn’t really all that surprised that Antonio Brown broke the news himself that he would be headed to the Oakland Raiders at 12:27 in the morning. Brown said the connection with the Raiders and his new quarterback, Derek Carr, was love at first sight.

Brown’s new contract is a three year, $50.125 million deal. The maximum value is $54.125 million. Brown will get $30.125 million guaranteed from the Raiders. This is substantially more than what he had, which was a whopping $0.

I’m looking forward to knowing how the ‘unhinged diva’ can help this Raiders’ offense.

The only thing Oakland had to give up for this glorious deal is a third and fifth round pick, how much better could it get for the Raiders? Well, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, I’d wait for the season to start before anyone gets too excited.

There’s no question about Brown’s work ethic, I think anyone that questions it is crazy. There has been absolutely no evidence of any sort of decline in performance. I mean, any time he is present on social media he’s working out somewhere. Brown is a true weapon and his performance has proved that, but one man doesn’t make a team. If you believe that, let’s remember that the Steelers had a pretty dominant trio of Brown, Le’Veon Bell, and Ben Roethlisberger, and didn’t have one Super Bowl appearance.

Brown should have never had any kind of say in where he went. That’s why Pittsburgh apparently made the initial move to the Bills. Brown wasn’t having that, at all. After rumors swirled that he apparently told officials within the organization that he wouldn’t show up if he was dealt there, that deal fell through. That didn’t even last a day.

In my opinion, the Raiders gave up what he was worth at this point. It’s embarrassing and sad that an All-Pro wide receiver like Brown was traded for a third and fifth-round draft pick. But you can’t argue that he diminished his worth in the previous months. All teams trying to make it to the top have to consider the drama that comes along with him. Again, I will never discredit his athleticism, but you’ve got to consider the off-the-field antics.

Oakland and their fans could really think this was some kind of miraculous deal. They have plenty of cap space and three first-round picks. But how Brown will jump and jive with this new team is beyond me. I’m itching to find out.

Maybe Pittsburgh will even get lucky. Brown was a sixth-round pick and ended up being an offensive key throughout his run with the Steelers. When Brown proved his worth Pittsburgh decided to give Mike Wallace’s money to the new prodigy. Maybe this third and fifth-round pick will be some kind of gift; who knows.

I see a lot of comments about Pittsburgh tanking, too. I won’t believe that till the season pans out. The Steelers lost two of their ‘Killer B’s’ but they aren’t in total ruins. They’re left with their franchise quarterback, James Connor, and JuJu Smith-Schuster. Those guys have been nothing but positive since they’ve arrived and had their chance in the spotlight.

Brown didn’t ‘ruin’ the Steelers. He just made the AFC a little more fun. Power to you, AB. Good luck in Oakland.

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