Broncos Safety TJ Ward Ejected for Punching Jeremy Maclin

Punching a player in the helmet is never a good idea. Besides being incredibly ineffective, it makes you look like an idiot, and gets you kicked out of the game. But don’t tell that to TJ Ward, because he’s coming in hot with hammer fists regardless.

The punch did no damage, resulted in an immediate ejection, with a fine forthcoming and possible suspension. Good job good effort, TJ Ward.

Ward had this to say following the loss.

“It was their team as a whole. They were a pretty dirty team…the O-linemen, receivers and tight ends. They were doing it last game, and they continued to do it this game. It took an effect on me.”

Jeremy Maclin responded to the dirty player claim on Twitter following Ward’s comments.

Broncos get wrecked by the Chiefs, 13-29

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