BREAKING: Will Ezekiel Elliott Be Holding out for a New Contract Too?

How far will Zeke hold out in order to get a new contract?

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Less than a week after Melvin Gordon announced that he was looking to get paid, Ezekiel Elliott has decided to also jump on the money train.

Apparently, the word is out. Players are threating not to attend training camp without a new contract. Some may even go as far as sitting out the whole regular season. But according to ProFootball Talk, with two years left in Elliott’s rookie contract, this potential move for the 2016 fourth-overall draft pick is in a good spot to negotiate.

Zeke had a breakout year in 2016 and has since then scored 34 touchdowns to date. Though his numbers have fluctuated over the three years, Elliott has been solid for the Cowboys as well as fantasy owners.

On the field, he’s a star. However, off the field, Elliott isn’t always shining. Just recently there were talks of him being suspended after an altercation with a security guard, though nothing came of it, news like this never looks good for the player.

That being said, we are unsure of how far Zeke will take this ‘threat’ and if it’s something the Cowboys will even consider.

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