BREAKING: Tyreek Hill Child Abuse Investigation “No Longer Active”

Tyreek Hill’s child abuse investigation has come to an end.

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The investigation of Tyreek Hill’s child abuse allegations have come to a halt with no substantial evidence that Hill or the child’s mother were directly involved. Investigators believe Hill’s son was the victim of child abuse, there is no way to prove who committed the crime. Hill was not suspended from the league because Commissioner Goodell stated that he would wait until the investigation was over to take action. Hill was suspended from team activity by the Kansas City Chiefs, but with no findings from the investigation, many believe Hill will rejoin his teammates in training camp later this month.

This investigation was originally opened because of a recorded conversation between Hill and his fiancé in which Hill’s fiance stated that their son was scared of him and even accuses Hill of punching the child in the chest. Hill does not deny any of these claims throughout the conversation. This investigation could potentially open back up if more evidence is found, but for now Hill is focused on getting back on the football field. The league will carry out their own investigation to see if any rules of the Player Conduct Policy were broken.

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