BREAKING: NFL Elects Not to Suspend Star Chiefs Receiver Tyreek Hill

The NFL has decided to clear Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill of any potential punishment stemming from an incident involving his young son.

Photo Courtesy Of "Los Angeles Times"

The NFL announced Friday morning that they would not be suspending Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill for any amount of time after a months-long investigation into allegations that he abused his young son.

This decision may come as controversial to some fans especially when the NFL seems to be hard-pressed to figure out how to properly police domestic violence.

According to multiple reports, Hill’s now ex-girlfriend, Crystal Espinal declined multiple interview requests from the league however, multiple family members on both sides were interviewed during the process. The story is ongoing, but at this time the league was unable to find any evidence that Hill abused his son and was forced to clear him of any potential punishment under league guidelines.

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